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Jay asks:

I am looking at the Micro-PA® and I was concerned if I need to conjuct with either Plazma™ or Mag-10®?

I mean, I want some natural muscle gains that lasts because I have taken other company’s products that I got some gains, but after I stopped using it, I lost it.

Please provide me the best options for me, thanks!

Jay, great questions! Please note I do not work for Biotest, but I am a long time user of Biotest supplements, and I’ve used (and still use) Micro-PA, Plazma, and Mag-10, so posting from my experience. I’ve also got a lot of my training clients on these as well, and they all see great results.

Also, note, I’m a strict natural and have used these supplements during bodybuilding preps, so I hear you on wanting to stay natural, and these supplements can certainly help with great gains when utilized properly.

In my opinion, Micro-PA is one of the best supplements on the Biotest roster. I started seeing visible results within a few weeks of taking it, other friends in the gym starting commenting as well (I never told them I started taking Micro-PA.) For Micro-PA, you’ll see your best results when utilizing TUT (time under tension) during your training, so be sure to prioritize a great mind-muscle-connection, slower negatives than you might be used to, and getting a great pump.

In my opinion, this decision is based on your budget. Micro-PA would be solid on its own, keeping in mind you’d still need to provide yourself with solid pre and post workout nutrition. Plazma and Mag-10 basically do that for you, with Plazma providing you with the best fuel for your workout, and Mag-10 finishing it out with fast protein right to the muscle for recovery. So, if you’re “on the go” a lot and can fit it in your budget, adding Plazma pre and during workout, and Mag-10 after training, along with Micro-PA, would be a serious stack. But, if you only take Micro-PA, you’ll still see results from it, it’ll just be essential on your end to stick to great pre and post workout nutrition.

Also, keep in mind, these supplements are outstanding and work well, but if your training and nutrition isn’t on point and executed with great consistency, you won’t maximize your potential for gains and results. When your training and nutrition is where it needs to be, and you add these supplements, it’s a game changer.

Please post with any additional questions, and keep us updated on your progress!

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