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Shawn asks:

I am a cyclist who has been out of the game for a while. Consequently I have picked up an extra 20 lbs and lost much of the strength and endurance I used to have. Wanting to get back into the sport and looking for a supplement that could help with endurance and strength and if weight loss was an added benefit that would be great. My cycling events will usually be 90 minutes to 2 hours of high intensity intervals and limited recovery time in between so I need something that’s not necessarily explosive power but helps with muscle fatigue during the ride so that I can repeat these surges over and over for the duration of the event.

I understand there may not be one single supplement that does everything but I would be interested in suggestions of what can come the closest to helping me achieve this goal. I do take whey for recovery and so my biggest concern is having something that will help with fatigue from repeated anaerobic intervals over long durations.


As a hockey goalie, Surge Workout Fuel is ideally formulated for your needs. My games range anywhere from the typical 60 minutes up to two-hour pick-up games (sometimes even multiple games in the same day). Surge Workout Fuel provides me with the energy and endurance to get through even he most grueling lopsided games.

I’d also check out Indigo-3G, as it will help release and burn some fat, but more importantly it will help shuttle the carbs you eat into your muscles to fuel your training, recovery, and progress.

But if you’re looking to aggressively reduce that extra 20 pounds, Hot-Rox Extreme is a proven effective fat burner.

In the end, I can’t speak highly enough about Surge Workout Fuel for any sort of highly demanding endurance work.

I also use Surge Workout Fuel during my mountain bike trail rides, so definitely curious to hear more about your cycling!


Surge Workout Fuel was almost literally designed for this. Easy-absorbing strategic carbs to fuel training, a specific hydration formula, leucine to prevent muscle breakdown, and other nutrients to optimize performance. Like SBT said, that’s easily the first choice.

Indigo-3G would be the next addition to improve your body’s insulin sensitivity so it can put those carbs to even better use. That’s going to help with fat loss, too, as was said.

Mag-10 has whey beat in basically every aspect. Faster absorption with better recovery and growth.


thanks for the feedback guys!