Products for Body Recomp?

Need some help.

I’m new to Biotest & haven’t used any products. Been watching some CT videos on youtube & think he’s brilliant. The problem is I’m 37 now & quit strength training for almost 10 years before starting it one year ago.

My biggest issues is too much body fat (24%) & strength is really down .

Q1.What products should I use to help in the gym & for body recomp?

I currently use a whey isolate & separate Micellar Casein proteins to use before bed.
(I live in India but can get someone to get me few Biotest products).

Q2. If I could only use 1, which should I choose from Carbolin 19, I3G, Micro-PA or Rez-V??

Thanks in Advance

Workout nutrition is always the first place to start because it maximizes what you’re actually doing when you train. So either Plazma or Surge Workout Fuel to recovery better and train harder. Simple whey isolate is okay, but those are tons more effective, more quickly absorbed into the body, and even more efficient for building muscle.

Of those, considering you’re talking about body recomp, I’d probably go for Indigo-3G. It’s a nutrient partitioner, so when combined with cleaning up your diet, it’ll help your body put calories (especially from carbs) to work as fuel instead of wanting to store them as fat…

If you have any specific questions about training plans, you can always try asking Christian Thibaudeau directly over in his coaching forum:

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