Product Usage and Dosage

Mauro asks:

I received my products today and was wondering if I can take Indigo-3G, Hot-Rox and Micro-PA at the same time? Also, what doses do you recommend for people trying to lose belly fat for the 3 so I can guide my client.

For sure those can be used together. The label directions on each are always a good guideline to start with.

On training days: 6 caps Indigo-3G a half-hour before starting workout nutrition/ 45 minutes before training. 1 or 2 caps Hot-Rox 10-60 minutes pre-workout and 1 or 3 caps another time of day, before a meal is great (dose and exact timing depends on tolerance to stimulants). 6 caps Micro-PA 45-60 minutes before workout begins (same time as Indigo is fine).

On non-training days: 6 caps Indigo-3G before the highest calorie/highest carb meal of the day (usually dinner). 6 caps Micro-PA anytime, preferably before a dose of Mag-10 (pre-bed is a great time). 1-2 caps Hot-Rox 10-20 minutes before a meal, once or twice a day.

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