Product Recommendations


HB asks:

I just would like to know which product would you recommend for losing my stubborn midsection fat and gain lean muscle. I’m 57 years old and train 4 times a week, thank you for your help.


Workout nutrition is always the best place to start, so you can optimize performance in the gym and improve recovery time. Plazma is the best for that, Surge Workout Fuel is the next-best alternative.

Beyond that, it will depend a bit on more variables like your current condition (how much bodyfat you’re carrying, like if you’re 30+% bodyfat or just a little soft in the middle), what your nutrition plan looks like, and even your training plan can be a factor.

Micro-PA can be a good choice to put on muscle and drop some fat. It works especially well when your training incorporates classic bodybuilding methods that basically let it do its muscle-building job even more efficiently.

This article also covers some training and nutrition principles that can help lifters: