Product Recommendations for Sprinter

Troy asks:

I have been using a product that has the ingredient L-alpha-glycerophosphocholine but have since found that the product is no longer selling. As a result I am looking for other supplements that can aid training and performance and was wondering as a 100m and 400m sprinter what products are recommended of an athlete of my type. The aim is to improve speed, power and endurance. Any recommendations of your other products would be greatly appreciated.

Top priority would be Plazma and/or Surge Workout Fuel for performance and recovery from training sessions. (Ideally, Plazma for weight training, Surge Workout Fuel for sprint sessions. But SWF can work double-duty for both if necessary.) Power Drive would be a good call for CNS recovery after hard sprint sessions, too.

Lastly, Flameout and/or Curcumin to keep your hips/knees/ankles happy and in working order.

My favorite supplement for an increase in CNS performance is Brain Candy. If you don’t want a stimulatory effect go with Brain Candy caffeine-free.

As Chris mentioned, Power Drive can be used to increase CNS recovery which is important for a sprinter.

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