Product For Weight Gain

Gail asks:

I’ve just purchased your protein powder to help with weight loss.

We need to put weight on my father who is 87 and very healthy, though he always says he is not hungry. I was going to buy Ensure, which advertises 13 grams protein, 26 ‘essential’ vitamins and minerals, and 350 calories.

I think it’s probably junk. Can you recommend a product to help with weight gain?

Given his age it may be best to speak with a RD, but regarding your thoughts on Ensure, yes it’s total junk, chemical filled garbage. You could certainly try mixing some Metabolic Drive Protein powder with some milk and see if he likes that as an alternative. If you want to make it a more weight-gain oriented drink, you could maybe try making it in a blender with a little natural nut butter and/or some fruit. Ideally it would be good to find things that are healthy, calorically dense foods that aren’t too filling if he’s not hungry. Thinks like nuts, natural nut butter, maybe drizzling a TBSP of olive oil over his meals, are all easy, healthy ways to get in more calories without really noticing.

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