Problem Encountered, Going to Football Game

I have a problem. Just got invited by the boss to go to the Packer game tonight.
I’m not going to be able to have my shakes while I’m there.

Is it okay to keep it lo carb if I’m going to eat anything and have a shake after the game tonight?

Or, since I’m on the 2nd day of the V-Diet should I reset back to day one starting tommorrow morning? What would you think is better in this case?

Yes, that would be fine – try to eat only healthy stuff, avoid the beer (I know, I know), have a shake before and after the game. Replace one or two shakes with the lower carb game food (depending on how much you eat). Then extend the days before you have your HSM for the week. In other words, that meal tonight counts as your HSM, so wait 6-7 days to have your next one.

got it. Thanks for the reply. I am going to attempt to only have one burger (without the bun) and no alcohol tonight. I’m sucking on a Surge post workout shake now and have a shake in the car. Appreciate the input.

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