Pro Golfer Sweden.... Training Log V Diet 3.0

Starting my V Diet tomorrow 26/10/09

General Information.

Age 31
Gender Male

Basic Measurements

Height 5`7
Weght 228 lbs

Skinfold mesurements

Chin 13,3 mm
Cheek 13,4 mm
Pectors 5 mm
Triceps 13 mm
Subscap 25,7mm
Mid-axillary 16,5 mm
Supra-iliac 34 mm
Umbilicus 34,8 mm
Knee 5,9 mm
Calf 12,5 mm

Tape Measurements

Neck 40 cm
Shoulders 130 cm
Chest 114 cm
Waist 97 cm
Hip 106 cm
Right Bicep Relaxed 36,5 cm
Right Bicep Flexed 39 cm
Right Forearm 29,8 cm
Right Wrist 17 cm
Right Thigh 62,5 cm
Right Calf 41,8 cm
Left Bicep Relaxed 34,8 cm
Left Bicep Flexed 39,4 cm
Left Forearm 29,4 cm
Left Wrist 17 cm
Left Thigh 63 cm
Left Calf 40,5 cm

Skinfold Calculations

Sum of ten Skinfolds 174 mm
% Fat 22,2
Lean Mass 176 lbs

Will use some additions than the requied.
TRIBEX, Z12, Receptormax and ZMA.

Goal is to be under 10 % of bodyfat after 3 Months.

Will get back with some pictures.

Update each monday, progress in % for each measurements.

Will be the Journey of my life !

/ Daniel

Day 3 of the V-Diet !

First two days have been hard.
The protein shakes isnt too good.
But i c it like this. The worse they taste the better they are for my body.

Had a really hard time at the gym today. Pulse not willing to go down between sets. Think is the HOT-ROX thats is the reason.
Thinked already to drop the V-Diet when i got home after training today feeling sick.
But still im sticking to it.
Still i´m a profesional athlet.
Almost 3 days gone now …
Hope it getting easier soon !

/ Daniel

Bro, those HOT-ROX are rough if you are sensitive to them. Try cutting the doseage down tell you’re ready. Like 2 and 1, or 1 and 1… Then work up to 2 and 2.

I felt sick after my workouts too, still do. That part doesn’t seem to go away, but thats a good sign. It means we are pushing ourselves HARD! And if we are going to do anything, we are going to do it 100%, right?

Being a pro athlete, this won’t be a challange for you, not because it’s easy. But because you know what it takes to get where you are, and if you want anything worth your time in life, it takes some hard work! You can do this!!!

Thank you ChokeOnStrenght !
Need all suport and cheering i can get right now.

Will try to figure out how to get use the HOT-ROX :wink:

I felt really bad after the second time I worked out. I’m on the second day of the transition day now (Day 30) and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it only gets easier.

Once the first week is finished you fall into an easy routine. Keep going you’ll do great.

You are not alone! Day 2, I felt like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag. Today is Day 4, I feel like 5 pounds of crap in a 5 bag… An improvement, but crap is still crap! Everyone hereabouts says it gets better… and I for one, am trusting the process. So can you.

HOT-ROX don’t seem to bother me. Sure I get all jangly, like I’ve had too much coffee, and I definitely feel warm… For me the carb depletion thing seems to be the bigger issue. Surge is my best weapon to combat these feelings.

Stay strong and focused… you’re a golf pro, you can do that!

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