Preworkouts on Velocity Diet?

I plan on starting the v diet next month. Took the time to read through the ebook and get familiar with the different aspects. My main question is if i can stack my normal preworkout (mesomorph) with the plasma i take before the workouts? I didnt see any reason i wouldnt be able to but just wanted to be sure.

Not recommended. They both contain citrulline, so you’d be doubling up on the dose of that. But more importantly, Plazma was very specifically designed to shuttle nutrients into muscle cells for maximum effect. If anything else could’ve helped do that job better, it would’ve been included in the formula.

The Mesomorph mix also has “cell volumizers” and other ingredients, some of which are debatably effective like Arginine, and could potentially interfere and/or compete for absorption with what’s in Plazma.

Long story short, with Plazma beats any other “pre-workout”. If you want a stimulant boost, toss down a very simple, very effective caffeine tab with the pre-training Plazma or go with Hot-Rox, as a recommended option with the V-Diet, to get the fat loss benefits of the raspberry ketones, forskolin, and yohimbine which has nothing to do with Plazma’s effectiveness.

Ok great to know! Plazma looks like it has everything needed to get me through a tough workout anyways.

I noticed the package came with 180 Flameout caps, but the doet only calls for 5 a day x 28 days is 140. Would it hurt or improve it to taoe 6 a day since I have enough to do so?

There’s no harm in bumping it up to six capsules of Flameout.

TC even recommends eight to ten capsules in special circumstances to aid in fat loss.

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