Preworkout with Plazma™


Chris asks:

Bought a couple bags of Plazma™ to help with growth and soreness. Is it ok to continue a preworkout drink while using Plazma™? (Mainly the caffeine, I believe.)


I wouldn’t mess with a preworkout while using Plazma. Too many additional ingredients on top of the caffeine.

Plazma is specifically designed to get the most out of your workouts. I wouldn’t want to add any ingredients to the mix that would jeopardize the formula.

However, caffeine by itself is fine.


Yep, what SBT said. Most “pre-workouts” are loaded with things to make your face tingle, regardless of whether they’re actually beneficial or not. Plazma is already meant to be taken pre-workout, so you’re actually fueling the workout with fast-acting protein and carbs, not stimulants.

Having caffeine on its own is no problem at all (coffee, NoDoz caps, etc.) if you need a legit boost as opposed to taking a “pre-workout” simply out of habit, which is a trap a lot of guys fall into. Spike would be the closest to a “pre-workout” that wouldn’t interfere with Plazma because none of the ingredients overlap or contradict.