Previously Under Eating


I just started the V-Diet again after being out of a regular routine for 2 years although I’ve done it before and I know what to expect. Previously I did the V-Diet after longer periods of mass/strength routines and I was normally really hungry at first (currently 195 lbs).

Recently I’ve been working 60 - 70 hour weeks and under eating and I’ve been having trouble taking down all my shakes. Taking the program’s advice since I’ve been out of the gym I’m doing the beginner training program, but I still threw up after my 3rd circuit during my first workout last Monday (made the 4th a lot nicer though) and got fairly nauseated on Wednesday.

Should I reduce my shake intake and work up to the prescribed intake, or suck them down and deal with throwing up during workouts for now? If I throw up during the workout should I take an extra scoop to account for losses?