Prepping for Basic


Carbs turn into muscle growth and Indigo 3 G is to maximize that growth for muscle? My source for carbs is a product called Karbrageous which is powdered sweet potato and also grains. The grain I cook with is Amaranth which is an ancient grain the Aztecs used. 1/4 cup is 34g carbs. To get the most of the product should I eat this after work witha dose of Indigo 3 G or can I make a stack of Indigo 3G and Micro Pa in the morning with the grain beofre work? I will be taking Micro PA before work and good dose of Plazma. and after work a protein shake to recover.


Not exactly. Carbs fuel hard training, hard training builds muscle, Indigo-3G re-teaches your body to use those carbs for fuel instead of storing them as fat.

It sounds like you’re approaching this the wrong way. You don’t just have carbs once a day. Ideally (depending on your actual goal, current bodyfat, training, and some other factors), you want to have good carb sources in every meal. That’ll be the best way to let Indigo do its thing.

Micro-PA can definitely help build muscle, and Plazma is essential (one scoop before and one during is generally the best approach with that). But getting your overall diet and training in order will have a bigger impact. Something like this plan approach is a super-basic way to setup your diet.


Yes I have cut out the bad stuff and I am taking supplements for protein. My choice for carbs is Amaranth with Couscous with refried beans. I have Plazma and Micro-PA​ and Indigo-3G on its way. I will follow the protocol of 1:00 Micro-PA, 00:45 Indigo 3G, 00:15 Plazma and during work. I do not have the Mag-10 but have BCAAs and the Surge recovery. I am joining a gym with team training to get the most out of the products purchased. During Basic, I don’t want to pass, I want to set new standards. I do need a source of fiber, would flax seed work?


To maximize the effect of Indigo-3G and Micro-PA and Plazma and Carbo loading, what is considered optimal timing? I do heavy lifting at work pitching bags, my consumption is 5 Micro-PA an hour before work followed by 5 Indigo-3G 45 min beore work and 15 min prior to work Plazma. Should I carbo load after work on an empty stomach or before work?

Also I try to go to the gym for more concentrated areas of growth like back and abs. Should I consume more Indigo-3G or just carbo load and take more Plazma. I feel pressed for time and only want to do whole body workouts; so if Ifeel sore the next day is that bc I did not consume enough Surge Recovery? I try to include as much BCAAs with each shake too.