Preparing the Plazma Mix

New to Plazma. I prefer to mix at the gym prior to a workout instead of at home in case my schedule requires me to postpone a workout and not have the mixture sit for over 24 hours in a hot vehicle.

To simplify things at the gym I’d like to add the flavor to the water first instead of as the directions state. Is there any problem doing this? In other words, does the flavor in the water impede dissolving the powder in the water? If ok, when making 3 doses, does it matter if the flavor is added to the initial 750 ml of water versus the extra cold water in step 3 of the instructions?

Related question: I’m thinking on light workout days to try 1.5 doses instead of 3. The easiest way to make the mixture is to add the flavor to 750 ml, then at the gym add the powder to the liquid and shake. Any problems?


The flavor may be added either before or after mixing, no problem.

An advantage of adding later is that the amount needed really can be judged by taste only when the Plazma is already mixed. But if you’re familiar with how much flavoring you prefer, that’s not an issue.

Thanks very much!

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