Preparing for V-Diet - Advice?


I am looking to start the V-Diet in order to get ready for my honeymoon on a tropical cruise in January, and I’d like to drop the jaw of everyone on the boat. I have a few questions I wanted to throw out there.

As far as background, I’ve been in the US Army for 6 years, and have played around with 5/3/1 off and on for a year. I have Anterior Pelvic Tilt that I’d like to get rid of, I sit at a desk all day, and I have an old right shoulder injury that does not impact mobility or ability, however, it does have discomfort at first set of overhead press at 45 lbs.

Considerations: First, I have to complete a series of Army PT Tests, in which I need to complete 75 pushups in 2 minutes, 80 situps in 2 minutes, and a 2 mile run in 14 minutes. Those are scheduled for July 1, August 5, and sometime in September or October.

When should I start the V-Diet with the consideration that I would like to enjoy some of the perks of the honeymoon cruise, i.e. alcohol and rich food. Not to excess, but moderate enjoyment.

Questions: When should I schedule the V-Diet?
How long between the end of the V-Diet and the honeymoon should I have?
How do I re-introduce alcohol and rich foods back into my diet so that it is not a complete shock?
What can I do now to prepare for the V-Diet?

Thank you for your responses and time.

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