Preparing for Indigo: What to do before starting

Does anyone have any advice to someone who is planning to start Indigo-3G in a few weeks?

My plan is to continue lifting hard and eating well but also to devote extra time to recovery and mobility. Lately I’ve had some nagging injuries which doesn’t get fixed quickly enough since I sit at a desk for 50 hours/wk. Good thing work will be relaxed after new years.

Since I’m sure any pre-Indigo plan is dependent on the individual, here’s a few details. My overall goal with Indigo is to simply get stronger, with some lean mass hypertrophy hopefully on the side. I’ve been lifting regularly for almost 5 years

Current maxes:
Back Squat 355 lb (really want to focus on squats while on Indigo)
Front Squat 265 lb
Deadlift 480 lb
Push Press 230 lb
Strict Press 185lb
Clean 220 lb (started O-lifting almost a year ago)
Snatch 165 lb
I dont bench very often anymore, once upon a time I hit 305, but now I focus on push presses and dips

5’10, 194 lb, ~12% BF; I generally tolerate carbs well, especially when training hard

You may want to start planning a nutrition protocol that gives Indigo-3G what it needs to do its thing: partition nutrients toward muscle gains instead of fat storage. Here’s a general guide: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G Carb Guide

I remember reading something about people dropping dairy. Is that more a lactose intolerance thing or something that interferes with Indigo-3G?

There’s no need to drop dairy. I personally find that those who have issues with body fat do better without milk, but there’s nothing in it that interferes with Indigo-3G.

I stopped dairy milk, I use unsweetened almond milk now, it started as an experiment but it’s easier on my stomach, and doesn’t have any of the hormones or antibiotics that dairy milk has. After reading some great posts by CS, I also started eating gluten free shortly before starting Indigo, originally it started by just going wheat free, then gluten free in general.

Going wheat/gluten free pretty much forces you to have really pure complex carb choices, potatoes, rice, rice pasta, gluten free oats, veggies, etc. Wheat/gluten free can still be bad if you eat stuff loaded with potato starch and soy, but if you pick clean choices it’s great. Many people can have wheat without any issues and still have great body composition.

I feel that taking Indigo, combined with Plazma and lots of clean carbs around the workout window, you can’t help but put on muscle if you’re training hard enough, and you eliminate the risk of eating anything that won’t be conducive to gaining muscle and good health. If you don’t consume empty calories with drinking, you can really eat a ton of clean food without worrying about it and let the muscle pile on.

Speaking of clean sources for carbs…

Just wondering if people find they can get away with the occasional indulgence while on Indigo? The bulk of my sources is always rice and potatoes, but man I love some fruity pebbles every once in a while. These are gluten free, but still contain sugar. What are the thoughts on this? Also, what about occasional gluten? Like a burger or something (we just got a 5 guys here fairly recently :slight_smile: )?

@Casey - Just my personal experience, if you are training hard with a well designed workout plan and eating clean very consistently, something not on the list once in a while isn’t a big deal. I would define that as once per week for something small like a bowl of cereal or one hamburger bun, but more significant, more frequent cheats may not work out well depending on your goals, even with Indigo.

If you can try to time your cheats after a big workout, preferably something with legs or back, the training effects combined with pre-workout Indigo should limit the damage while allowing you to enjoy yourself. Some people I know that are gluten free for a long time say when they do eat gluten in decent quantities they don’t feel great, but others may have different experiences. I try to still cheat gluten free if possible, a bunch of Van’s GF frozen waffles, lots of pizza places around me have gluten free pizza, or something similar.

Thanks robstein! That was my thinking, but I wanted to hear from someone who has been there

You’re welcome! Good luck!

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