Preparation for V-Diet

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any cool tips to help prepare for / complete the V-Diet.
I had read on someones log that they pre-bagged all the shakes for the week in zip loc bags and marked down meal # / day, this looks like a great idea.

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions like this, maybe what kind of bottles to get?

I realize this is a very general question.

Anything you all post will be helpful I’m sure.


Have a plan for you days off work. Work days are pretty easy to keep your routine, but the weekends are harder. Try to come up with a plan to fill those days. I actually think for the duration of the diet it works best to kinda schedule your weekends in a pretty similar manner. For example do your lawn work from 8-11 every Saturday–just to make things more routine.

I have an assortment of BlenderBottles (mentioned in a Stuff We Like article). Just rinse with some hot running water and let air dry overnight. Since I live very close to work and only need to bring Lunch and Mid-Afternoon shakes, I have two different colored bottles for those days. Blue for Lunch, Black for snack. I also have enough bottles that I can slack off on cleaning one day and still have clean bottles for the next day.

I’ve had some of my bottles for a few months, and they’re still holding up. Definately worth the money.

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