Prep Work: Getting Ready the Night Before

Hey Everyone,

Wow, so many of you have been doing great on this program you must have your daily routines pretty dialed in.

As a busy guy who works an hour from where I live, I know that the key to my success on the V-Diet will be getting prepared before I start my day.

I’d love to read some tips from any of you who are particularly anal in getting your diet all ready to go for the next morning. I tend to be a little unorganized so feel free to detail it out as much as you like.

Do you measure out your shakes the night before? Do you carry the big tubs around with you? Do you bring the powder in little containers and dump them in water as you go? What do you carry your pills in and do you have a system to make sure you take them all each day?

I’ve got all my stuff and am planning on starting tomorrow (St. Patty’s Day - nice!). The only thing I feel like I’m missing is the logistical stuff that doesn’t always come naturally to me.

Your help is appreciated!


I mix the breakfast shake up before bed and chill it in the fridge. For the two day-time shakes I put them in tupperware and keep another small container full of fish oils and fiber choice. Make sure you keep a nalgene bottle full of water with you at all times too…it helps with hunger pangs during the day.

OH, and of course you need a shaker/blender bottle to mix up your shakes!

Get after it G!

Coach Dan John had what he called “baggie night.” He basically got all his capsules ready to go for 28 days in 1 night (see pic above). So every day he just grabbed a baggie and began his day. One less thing to think about.

the night before I have been measuring all my shakes and put them in sandwich size ziplocs and roll them up and lay them out in the fridge, each one labeled for whatever time Im supposed to drink it.

I use tiny ziplocs (the kind for jewelry) and put 5 Flameouts in one bag and throw it in the fridge too. I have an insulated backpack and in the morning I put all my baggies in there for during the day and my travel blender from walmart and a big mug of cold filtered water in case Im on the road, which I usually am.

(I have an adapter for the car where I can plug in the blender to my cigarette lighter, but of course you can just plug it in wherever you are and blend it up or just use a shaker bottle).

On workout days I premeasure the Surge Recovery and add that to my stash along with a freezer bottle that’s already ice cold with water in it. By the time Im ready for my workout, my freezer bottle is still cold in the insulated backpack and I just dump the Surge in there and shake shake shake.

All my crap including my workout printouts and my stopwatch and my pen goes in the backpack and Im totally set, no thinking involved the next day.

I use a gallon size Ziploc bag for each day, which includes all my shakes pre-measured in sandwich bags and all my pills in a snack bag. I find it best to get everything ready for the week on Sunday so I don’t have to get my shakes ready every night before bed. It minimizes the opportunity for slip ups. The only time I will have to go in the kitchen is to blend my nightly PB shake and to fix the kids food.

personally, I measure out powders into the twist n lock ultra small tupperware as I find them easier to pour from into my blender bottle… On sundays I measure out all my pills I take turning the day and put them in a larger twistnlock and keep it in my desk at work so they are ready for me !

ps, I cant say it enough, blender bottles rule.

I have about 6 blender bottles, both small and large.

Yeah, I bought 3 blender bottles and they are awesome.

Wow, you guys rock! Thanks for the tips. I was considering baggies, but I went and bought several twist and lock tupperware things to keep my shake powders in.

Not sure what a blender bottle is yet, I’ll have to check them out. And I love the idea of getting it all ready for the week up front. I always seem to be rushing out of the house. This will give me no excuses.

Thanks again! I’m looking forward to getting started Thursday or Friday (didn’t today, my 5 year old son went in the hospital with pneumonia today… yuck!).

The wife and I really hate shakers and always make a mess dumping the baggies out into the blender…so…

We bought two Magic Bullet blenders to take to work and stash in the kitchens at our offices, along with 6 cup Brita water pitchers, which we labeled with our names and keep in the kitchen fridges. Since we bought all our supp’s up front and some extras, we have multiple bottles of everything, so we took some to work and always have everything we need at home and at work. The toughest has been off-site meetings or travel, but we premake the shakes with a little more water and ice and they keep ok for a few hours (no more than that though).

It’s been working for us!

BTW, I think the blender bottles are like regular shaker bottles, but have a little wire ball to put directly into your shake. As you shake, it bounces around on the inside and helps the result be more like a blender…

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