Premeditated Protein

Here we go again! I did the V-Diet for a month last year and got good results (might have gotten better results if i had read more about it prior to starting it…shocking conclusion) Anyway, i’ve hit a pretty strong brick wall lately and so i’ve decided to do the V-Diet again…but better this time.

  1. I promise not to accidently add more then 1 tbsp of peanut butter to my end of the day shake.

  2. I promise not to justify eating celery because “it’s really just water.”

  3. I will not “forget” and put milk in my coffee

  4. I promise to blend the majority of my shakes

  5. I promise not to include alcohol into my weekly whole food meal (or during the week when i’m stressed…)

So…it begins…and what better way to start this off is with some pictures

front view

back view

Day One:

10:00-shake, 2 hr, black coffee with splenda
12:30-shake (1/2)
3:00-shake, 2 hr, 2 fo, flax
5:00-shake (1/3)
7:00- shake, 2 fo, pb and flax

I have a magic bullet…and though i will admit that it is nice, i have had so many people tell me how amazing it it. In all honesty, i think that the 19.99 blender from target which i shattered last month did a better job. Though the bullet comes with way more accessories which is nice.

NEPA: walked around the neighborhood (1 hour)…there is a pretty decent hill which is good :slight_smile:

Weight: 167
Shoulder: 44
Chest: 40
Upper Arm: 11.5
Waist: 32
Hip: 40.5
Thigh: 24
Calf: 15

I agree, my blender is WAY better!

I saw your posting the other day, but was too busy to respond. What I wanted to say, and because I failed to take pictures, was that you are shaped/built very, very, very similar to myself - but 2 inches taller!

Hopefully you will see similar results to what I have! I can’t wait to see what my end result is!

That’s encouraging because it seems you have had good results so far!

I have a question. Lets say i don’t have a blender at work, can you blend shakes in the morning and put them in a fridge? Or will all the ice just melt and you get a watery shake…

you’ll get a watery shake, but I bought another blender for work. Ends up I have to have 3 shakes at work and if I am going to be having that many there, I want them to taste good.
And, as you said, a blender from Target, WalMart, or Kohls (on sale this week!) is ONLY $20

The new shaker bottles with a wire gizmo in them to stir things up works pretty good too. Stay with the program, one day at a time.

My Best, WD

WD- does that wire “gizmo” blend ice or mix? I have shaker bottles with little wire balls in them that mix things up, maybe that is what you mean. I want to find a tiny blender…maybe battery operated or something, that would be nice.

Anyway, day 1 over…yay! 27 more to go.

Good luck with the diet :slight_smile:

I gave up with my shakers, as I left them so long in the car without cleaning them properly, they began to smell awful.
Now I just use a normal half-litre water bottle - drink half the bottle, then add the single scoop in through a hastily made paper funnel. Shake for 1 minute and voila!

In regards to the shaker bottles, I think you guys may be talking about the blender bottles and that is what I have been using since i started the V-Diet last week. They do a good job of mixing the shakes up and I usually end up taking 4-5 out of my 6 shakes a day at work.

I also bought a Hamilton Beach single serving blender from wal-mart for about $18. It works great and once its mixed you can just drink out of the mixer because it detaches and serves as your glass…its been very convenient. I am at work most days anywhere from 10-14 hours so I had to be able to get the shakes mixed away from home and using those 2 things have worked well.
Goodluck ucdgrl17 with the diet!!!

Isn’t it amazing how much time we all spend at work? What a waste!

Silent_bob–i found a shaker in my car a few days ago…oh my god…i thought i was going to pass out, that stuff stinks!!

swg–thanks for the tips…i bought a mini-fridge for my class so i might just mix a few shakes and keep them in there

I agree…we spend to much time at work…i love my job though so i don’t mind :slight_smile: I only have to make 2-3 shakes at work, so as long as i get a few blended with ice i should be fine.

Anyway, day 2 almost under my belt…only a few more hours to go…2 more shakes and bed!

good luck to you too!

Alright…day 3…

just got back from a long walk

6:00-shake, hr, fish oil
9:30-1/2 shake
11:45-shake, hr, fish oil
3:00- 1/2 shake
9:00- 1/2 shake and pb

today went well, wasn’t as hungry and i don’t miss having to bring food to work :slight_smile:

The Magic Bullet is where it is at for a compact blender. I use it at the house in the morning and drink the shake on the way to school. I put the base in the gym bag, and rinse the cup/blending container at school. Then I go to work, which is also at school, and in my cubicle I plug in my bullet and drink two more shakes while at work. I really like this thing, and I got it for $25 open box at Kohls.

you’ve gotta be a rep for the magic bullet…i’m so far not impressed…i figured since it had infomercials it must be great!! but so far i’ll settle with good…not as durable, and still i get some ice chunks :slight_smile: but it does beat a shaker bottle so i’ll deal with it

Day 3…

Trained today, felt a little tired…but it was probably because i waited till after work instead of going before

6-shake, hr, fish oil
9-1/2 shake
12- shake, HOT-ROX, fish oil
5- Surge

** funny story: i teach Kinder and 1st and i’ve been drinking a chocolate protein shake during the day…the kids are concerned that i’m drinking chocolate milk and they don’t think it’s good for me…try explaining protein shake to a 5 year old :)**

Good luck on the diet. :slight_smile:

Are you incorporating a weightlifting program?

I definitely know where you are coming from in regards to the school environment, though the kids I come into contact with are high school aged kids but the issues are the same.

I am the athletic trainer at one of our local high schools and kids are always asking me what I am doing and telling me it looks like I am drinking “vomit”…oh, theres no support like the support you get from teenagers!!! Anyway, keep up the good work and keep us posted!

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