Pre-workout with Indigo-3G® and Plazma™

Garrett asks:

How would you recommend using a pre-workout drink with the Indigo/Plazma training protocol?

Figuring you mean a stimulant-loaded pre-workout drink mix… I actually wouldn’t recommend using one with Indigo-3G and Plazma. Mainly because Plazma is a top of the line pre-workout on its own and doesn’t need anything added to it to be maximally beneficial.

Adding anything to Plazma runs the risk of lessening its effects because it’s that tightly formulated and dialed in already. The only supplement that’s really okayed to be added is creatine if you wanted to.

If you’re mainly looking for a stimulant boost, I’d just go with your caffeine-delivery vehicle of choice whether it’s a Spike or a tab of No Doz, not a pre-made “pre-workout” powder.

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