Pre-Workout Meal and Plazma Question


I just purchased Plazma and MAG-10 and these two products are new to me. So I have a pre workout meal question. Usually I have a half cup of oatmeal (ground up) and a scope of Metabolic Drive an hour before training. Is this still recommended with using Plazma as pre and peri work out supplement ?


I’d probably bump it back to 2-2.5 hours before you start pre-loading Plazma for your workout.

I’ve seen people have a Finibar an hour before Plazma, but something that is slower to digest is probably better earlier.


Yeah, like SBT said, push the pre-workout meal back a bit so there’s a bit more time. Metabolic Drive is designed to be a slower digesting protein, so you want it much more broken down before starting the Plazma.

This article talks a lot more about why, but basically it’s more efficient (from a muscle-building perspective) to spike aminos in the system throughout the day instead of keeping them constantly elevated, so having a break longer than just an hour between protein servings is the better plan.