Pre Workout Food & Supplementation


In reference to the article What You Don’t Know About Workout Supplements, how much in advance should I eat a whole food meal before starting the prescribed supplement protocol? For example, should I eat the meal one hour before having a Finibar and Mag-10 drink? Or wait for a shorter/longer period of time?


Depends a bit on how well you know your system and, more importantly, what you’re eating. A lighter meal (relatively lower calorie, not much fat or fiber or complex carb) can digest faster than a heavy meal. Think of how your body handles rice and egg whites vs a Wendy’s Baconator.

I’d shoot for 2 hours, give or take, as a good buffer time between your last whole food “pre-workout meal” and pre-workout nutrition. You want enough time that you have a headstart on digestion, but you also want to optimize muscle protein synthesis by catching the wave between amino spikes, discussed here.

If the workout nutrition is too close to your last protein-rich meal, you won’t be able to drive the nutrients into the muscle as efficiently during training.


Thanks @Chris_Colucci! Exactly the answer I was looking for. And I actually did something similar to this today, when I ate some granola and yogurt as my whole food “pre-workout meal”, then waited 2 hours before I had my Finibar and Mag-10, and then Plazma, and so on…had a great workout.

Appreciate the quick response and advice as always.