Pre V-Diet Workout

I will be starting the V-Diet with a friend on April 6th. I plan to use the intermediate template for the workout portion. Any recommendations as to what sort of workout I should do up until that point? I thought it may be beneficial to do a few weeks of the beginner workout. Alternatively, I could continue my 2 upper/2 lower schedule with 2 days of sprinting in the week. Thoughts?

It certainly doesn’t hurt to “practice” the V-Diet workouts for a week or two. Starting with the beginner phase is a good choice. It’s important to really understand the way the sets, reps, and rest periods are set up. That’s what really makes the workouts do their thing, not so much the exercise choices.

In the earlier versions of the plan, we weren’t too clear about the training, but the new ebook breaks it down much better.

I’m 2 weeks in to “practicing” the V-diet workouts, and will be starting on Monday. Just a few things to clear up. I started straight on the intermediate one because I felt that it suited me better. Should I be hitting my 20 rep mark within 4 sets, or should this take longer? Obviously the solution is to add weight, but it’s pretty close to failure on that final set. When I did lunges today, I hit all 40 reps within 5 sets but was close. I could add ten pounds to challenge the workout, I am just unsure of what exactly it’s calling for. I think I have everything else figured out.

Thanks for the help!

Everything should be based on the first set guidelines. With the heavy, 20 rep day, you should be using a 4-5 rep max on set #1. If you can get 5 reps all the way through then you either started too light or rested too long.

On the 40 rep day, the starting weight is a 8-9 rep max. If you’re still using 8 reps on every set, you went too light or rested too long.

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