Pre-Made Shakes?


His Chris, and the rest of the V-Diet community :slight_smile:

I have heard a bunch of “information” about pre mixing protein. Is it a possibility to pre mix and then refrigerate the shakes? If not, would you pleas tell me the reason, its more for my own edification than anything else.

Thank you!



They are made to be mixed right before drinking. Taste and texture are just better that way.


Thank you for responding,

so if you don’t mind a different taste or texture for the sake of connivence, well it still have the same nutritional value? I guess I’m just worried about the protein denaturing, but I am unsure if that would happen just by adding water and mixing. Seeing as how there is not real breakdown of the protein, or do I have misinformation?

thank you for you wisdom :slight_smile:



No, there’s no loss of nutrition. Just keep it in the fridge.


Great, thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to keep 'em cold :smiley: