Pre-Diet Pics

Not very revealing pics, may be able to get better ones this weekend. At just hair over 250 at 6’1". Starting the V-Diet on Monday. Wife has a week head start on me. Nope, she wont let any pics be posted.

Nother pic

Ick! Just took measurements
Hips 44"
Waist at love handles/belly button 42"
Upper arm flexed 18.5"
Weight 252lb
Will be continuing with mass building weight training, but will be incorporating some conditioning work 2-3 times weekly(carries, farmers walks, kettlebell…)
No set goals, just an improvement in body composition.

I will wait before going on the diet please post the pics want to see the results good luck

Day one almost done. Morning/afternoon not so bad. Once I got to work, suck. I am a manager of an Applebees restaurant. So seeing/cooking/delivering food for 10hrs straight was little rough.
Wife weighed in this morning, after 6 days on, and she is down 5lbs. Pretty good.

One week down and 5lbs gone. Waist is down just over half inch arm stayed same. So far looking on track.

Can’t imagine working in the food industry and trying to ignore the product!

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