Powerlifting Meet in Six Weeks


I have a powerlifting meet in 6 weeks. What two supplements would you recommend to get me the best strength results. I have used Carbolin 19 and am a fan. I am a masters lifter in the 120+ class


Is it 2 weeks or 6 weeks? The title says one thing, the text another.

In either case, if I could only pick two supps, creatine is the obvious first choice. I’d load for a week with 5g 3-4 times a day, then 5g a day. Plazma is the next essential to optimize performance and recovery. I’d say workout nutrition is even more fundamental than creatine, but especially for powerlifting, creatine is definitely way up the list.

If you wanted to squeeze one more in, I’d actually consider either Curcumin or Flameout, primarily for the joint health benefits as a Masters strength athlete.


I appreciate it! It is 6 weeks out for the meet. I take creative daily and curcumin as well. Would you say Plazma over Micro PA or Carbolin 19?


JB Keziah


I would. The protein, carbs, and other ingredients should have a more noticeable effect (better sessions and improved recovery between workouts), plus, in general, workout nutrition is a higher priority than the other two.

They can definitely help, especially Micro-PA, but specifically for the timeframe we’re looking at, I’d get the Plazma dialed in.