Power Drive or Superfood with MAG-10

I have an old container of Power Drive that I’m trying to use up before trying out Brain Candy. Normally I drink this before my pre-breakfast walk and then sip a dose of MAG-10 while walking. Would it be okay to combine the Power Drive and MAG-10 together? I think the Power Drive flavor would go pretty well with the liquid orange flavoring that I sometimes use in the MAG-10.

Likewise, I’m not really crazy about the Superfood flavor and it’s a bit of a chore to get it down every day. Would it be okay to combine it with MAG-10 on those mornings when I use the Berry flavoring, or would that interfere with the purpose of fasted cardio in the first place?

Nothing bad is going to happen if that is what you are wondering. Nothing that you’ve listed would really interfere with the absorption of the MAG-10 either. You should be good to go.

Those should not interfere with Mag-10 to my knowledge.

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