Power Drive for Teenagers?

Now I know there is a caution on the label of all Biotest supplements that indicate “keep out of reach of children”, etc. Typically “children” refers to anyone under the age of 18.

For a teenager (well…two of them) who get a bit “burnt out” from heavy school work load and sports, would it be OK to give them say a half serving of Power Drive once in awhile (not everyday, maybe once or twice a week)?

I ask, because…well…I did it already. And my boys love the stuff. But alas some of you smart people might find some studies or something that indicates whether something like Power Drive is good or bad for the growing developing body and mind. I think it is A-OK, but what I think doesn’t mean very much! LOL.

One son is going to be 17. The other is 15. Close, but not exactly 18.

The answer from any supplement company will be to read and follow the warnings on the label. The answer from me, just another dad of a teenager, is that I’d personally be fine with giving my teen Power Drive, especially before a big test like the SAT. I think the main reason supplement companies have to be careful is that some teenagers would get their hands on any supplement, then take a whole container at once or do something dumb.

I am 17 and have been using Biotest products since I was 16.

I have used:
Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
Alpha Male

All with no side effects, besides getting bigger/stronger/leaner.

I wear the red T-Nation shirt and the original Testosterone shirt to school. My English teacher LOVES it. :wink:

I used to sport the 2000ml nalgene bottle for my daily water. I switched to the 1000ml though.

Biotest products and teens just… mix

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