Power Drive ETA


Any update on this stuff?


Nothing I’ve heard yet. Brain Candy, regular or caffeine-free, is still the best alternative. Will try double-checking for more info.


Brain Candy is good, really good actually, but for the days where I do heavy work for multiple sets I was going to multi dose the Power Drive, which is not cost effective with the Brain Candy.

If you guys have some Power Drive coming I’ll wait, otherwise I might try to cobble together a poor mans version


Out of stock for nearly a year! Seriously?
at 70 y.o. I’m not in the target demographic so they just don’t care.
In may of '17, read the label, bought from bulk supplements and made a highly effective and flexible cocktail. recommend you do the same.
maybe the brain candy had a better profit margin. good luck with that.

Some DMAE and a 200 mg,. caffeine pill - YMMV.