Power Drive: Energy Drink w/out the Caffeine?

I’m looking at the ingredients of Power Drive and they look like the ingredients for a lot of energy drinks. If I have a cup of coffee or a no-doze with it, am I going to get a similar effect in all likelihood?

Is there anything extra or not there typical of most energy drinks?

Mostly, I want extra focus and wakefulness for office/school work and some extra energy/focus on the days I feel crappy while I lift.

The beauty of Power Drive is that you won’t need to chase it with a cup of coffee or NoDoz.

Too many energy drinks are dirty energy - just loads of caffeine. Power Drive is clean.

I love using Power Drive before hockey games and mountain bike rides for energy, a positive attitude, and absolute focus.


Kewl! It’s nice to know I have that option. I don’t wanna get caff’d up to study for or work on something before bed.

Is it something that best works on an empty stomach or will it still do it’s trick soon after eating?

I find it best used on an empty to semi-empty stomach. That is to say, that’s when I noticed the effects more.

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