Potential Thyroid Issue


Have been working out 3X per week for the last two years and have made good progress in becoming nice and lean and toned. I’m 5’3", 112lbs, 16% body fat. The problem is in the last year I’ve become increasingly tired and have not been able to keep making progress - have even gained some slight fat around the waist area even though I’m putting in even more effort at the gym. Now I find out I have hypothyroidism - it’s even caused my hair to thin out drastically. My question, as I’ll no doubt be put on medication to get “balanced” once again, can I still take the biotest supplements? I’m currently using Plasma and Mag10. Would appreciate any advise on this as well as insight you may have on this topic. Thank you much - T-Nation Rocks!


We don’t see a reason why workout nutrition supplementation such as ours would interfere. But given all the legal stuff that surrounds advising people on medical issues, we’d advise running the supps by your doc. He won’t know what they are of course, but you know… lawyers. :slight_smile:


Exactly - you are right, they won’t know what they are, but will certainly make them aware. Was interested in your opinion since you understand your supplements :slight_smile:
Thanks for the response.


Here’s something that might help you. Check your body temperature from 4-6pm ideally. No food or drink 30 minutes prior. Normal is 98.6 but variance is common. If you are .9 below you may have a slow thyroid and be in need of iodine. By mouth the perfect temperature is 98.2. In a nutshell, at night body temperature drops and warms up during the day, so 97.6 to 97.7 with no food or drink for 30 minutes prior is ideal.

Here’s why I suggest this. A few summers ago this was heavily discussed in JM’s forum as I did IF and slowed my thyroid down. Most doctors tests are not accurate either if you eat broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, or brussels spurts on a regular basis. These veggies also suppress supplementation absorption too.

Kelp has an excellent source of iodine.

I had blood work a few summers ago and was suffering from recovery problems and being lethargic. I was selenium deficient and starting using elite mineral pro and within a few I noticed a huge difference.

Honestly from my experience self education will get you further than what most doctors will tell you.