Potatoes for HSM

One of my favorite carbs is potatoes, specifically fingerling potatoes. I always make sure there are no white potatoes, it’s all baby yukons, reds, and purples. Roasting this in a little olive and rosemary until they’re crispy on the outside soft on the inside is one of my favorite healthy things to do (1 serving = 170 cals, 7 fat, 26 carb, 3 prot) for dinner.

Probably shoulda asked before my first meal since I’m not sure it’s an “approved carb” but the meal as a whole was under 600 cals.

Meal I have planned for this weekend:

2 strips applewood bacon
1 zucchini + tomato and peppers sauteed in light butter (about 1/3 tbsp)
1 serv fingerling potatoes roasted in olive oil
6 oz (post cooking) pork tips marinated by local butcher

All told the meal is about 550 cals, 22/40/60 for fat/carb/prot with about 6 grams of fiber. Do I fail?

Sounds fantastic. Potatoes are great for lifters and fine for the HSM. They just got a bad rap during the Atkins days. I have red-skinned potatoes and fingerlings often.

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