Posting My V-Diet Journey

Hey guys, i decided to post up my v-diet over at t=nation since its where i got all my info. I usually only post on another forum but its a little slow today so i figured i might as well start posting over here.

I started the V-diet 5 days ago, im looking to drop under 8% bf, sorry i didnt take before measurements im going by weight lost and of course pictures.

I will copy and paste my first five days from the other forum and then i will update daily.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Velocity Diet, it begins…

Day 1

Weight 189lbs

Amazing i dont workout for a week and i lose 4lbs, i think its from dropping the creatine.
First shake and supps down, the workout is next up.

workout 1

Foam roll
mobility work

Three rounds of
A1 Heavy bag Squats x 10
A2 40lb front lunge to side lunge x10 each leg
a3 25lb SLRDL x10 each leg

Three rounds of
B1 45lb DB incline press x 10
B2 Chin up x 10
B3 70lb Rope face pull x 10

25 ball crunch
25 left oblique crunch
25 right oblique crunch
25 ab roll

Good workout, i tried for as little rest as possible, and i did want to puke.

Edit: 4 mile bike ride + Nepa walk

6/26/08, Day 2

Weight: 186

Holy shit! down 3lbs from yesterday, its gotta be mostly waterweight right? I do know for me that HOT-ROX is a hell of a thermo, it gives me tons of energy. I will update later with activity.


Foam roll
Mobility drill
20 min stretching

6/26/08 - Day 2, part 2


Lat pulldowns 4x10x75

Incline BP 4x10x135

Hammer Curl 2x10x65

Halo 2x8 each wayx35

4 mile bike ride + 2 mile walk.

Had a impromptu workout with a friend that wants to get back into lifting. Did some real light weight with him, more like active recovery for me. Had to split my 10:00 PM shake up into two since i was super hungery tonight.

6/27/08 - Day 3

Weight 185 - down 1lb from yesterday

Foam roll
Mobility drill

3x20 Pushups
3x20 Air squats
3x10 Ring Rows
3x5 Pull ups
3x5 Jack knife push ups

Felt a little sore today, and like hebsie said i shouldnt be pushing it while on this diet so i just did some bw stuff. I will be going for a NEPA walk later and thats about it.

6/28/08 - Day 4

Weight: 183.5 down 1.5lb from yesterday.

Amazing, its only been four days and im down almost 7lb, i know much of it was water weight but i am seeing a slimming of my face and i am looking more defined.

This sure isnt easy though, im starting to feel like a robot, im not really craving food or anything but i sure do feel strange. Everything is still going down fine though, im looking forward for the weekend to end so i can shoot for another full week.

Will update later with activity.


5 mile Bike ride

Deadlift 3x10x135
Incline Bench 3x10x135
Row 3x10x135

Im being a pus in the gym, that will change next week.

Edit: another 7 mile bike ride couse i was bored. This shits getting ez.

6/29/08 - Day 5

Weight 182 down 1.5lb from yesterday

Everything is still going well, no real cravings or hunger issues. The only problem is trying to get back to the house every 3 hours for a shake. Weights still dropping like crazy and im getting pretty lean. I wll probably do nothing at all today and hit it hard in the gym tomarrow.

Edit: 21 mile bike ride. So much for taking the day off.

My diet.

1500 cal on non training days, 1800 cal on training.

9am - 2 scoop md, HOT-ROX, 3g epa/dha fish oil, rhodiola
12am - 2 scoop md, multivit, 1 serving flax, 2 fiber tabs
3pm - 2 scoop md, HOT-ROX,rhodiola
7pm - 2 scoop md, 1 serving flax, 2 fiber tabs
10pm 2 scoop md, 3g epa/dha fish oil, 1 serving natty pb
before bed - ZMA

Add 3 scoops Surge on lifting days.

Just a thought.

You might NOT want to weigh yourself everyday. I know it’s damn tempting but you’re setting yourself up for mind games when the weight loss starts to slow down in the later weeks.

6/30/08 - Day 6

Weight 181 - down 1lb from yesterday.


Foam roll
Mobility Drill
20x glute bridge
20x pushup
20x ohs

Rom Deadlift 5x5x135
Incline BP 5x5x185
lat pulldown 5x5x100
laying Tri extention into cgbp 3x10x65
Ab roller 3x10

4 mile bike ride

Finally got a good workout started again, feels good to lift heavy.

Edit: Yea i thought about that DG but since i started quickly and didnt think to take measurements, its kind of my only factor besides what i see in the mirror. Plus im not to worried about what it says since i will be trying to add muscle along the way.

I don’t know much, but aren’t you not supposed to workout everyday and especially not do intense cardio?

[quote]chodax wrote:
I don’t know much, but aren’t you not supposed to workout everyday and especially not do intense cardio?[/quote]

All depends on you experience level, persoally i cant stand doing nothing but i certainly dont workout every day.

Jul/1/08 - Day 7

Weight 181

Didnt do much today, trained a couple people and did some foam rolling/mobility work. Also had my first SHM today. Salmon, yams and asparagus. Tasted fantastic. I probably am only going another couple days on the v-diet then i will start my transition phase. Im getting close to my goal, and will post some updated pics tomarrow.

SHM sounds amazing.

[quote]wecndo wrote:
SHM sounds amazing.[/quote]

After 7 days it sure was!

Updated the first post with my 7 day results.


Weight 181

Looks like im stalling out at 181, no worries though. Will update later with workout.

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