Post-Workout Supps for Hockey Player

I just realized i didn’t post this earlier in the supplement and nutrition category, so here it is again

Wondering what you’d suggest as a post workout supplement for myself…I’m a professional hockey player in the middle of summer training. I do a low carb diet, the only carbs a eat now are post workout in my post W shake.

I want to keep getting stronger, leaner…I’m not sure what would be best as there is so much to chose from, Surge Recovery, Pulsing, MAG-10, Anaconda, Plazma. Also interested in if Carbolin 19, would this be good to take???

Any advice on this subject for myself would be greatly appreciated!

Good question, yabo33. We’d be glad to give you a few options.

The quickest answer to your question: we strongly suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma for your needs and goals.

Plazma is a few generations ahead in peri-workout science than the drink you’re using now. In short, while post-workout nutrition is important, we now know that pre and during workout nutrition is even more powerful. To maximize your training, fuel performance, speed recovery, and trigger muscle gains, you want the specialized nutrients in you during training, not just after.

As a bonus, the type of carbs used in Plazma (highly branched cyclic dextrins) are thermic in nature: they encourage fat loss and don’t act as regular food-carbs which can be stored as body fat. In short, you can’t get fat on these types of carbs if they’re used before and during training.

We suggest pre-loading one serving of Plazma 15 minutes before your training session - hockey workouts or weight training sessions - then having 2 more servings spread over the course of your session. Ideally, have 1-2 servings of <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 in the window two hours after training.

The more complex answer: Choosing a low-carb diet during summer hockey training seems like a tough plan to follow. Building muscle, getting stronger, and having long hockey workouts doesn’t pair well with a low-carb plan. But we understand your choice: you want to lean up and low carbs help with that a great deal.

You’re a big athlete (we looked you up - total beast on the ice), but have you always had issues with carbs i.e. do they seem to encourage fat storage more often than not? If so, your fat cell metabolism could be lacking and your nutrient uptake mechanisms could probably use a boost. For that, we suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G.

In a nutshell, Indigo-3G repairs the underlying issues (dysfunctional nutrient uptake mechanisms and inflammatory fat cells), allowing you to eat for muscle gains without gaining fat and lose fat easily without a super-restrictive diet plan. In fact, you need some carbs to allow this nutrient repartitioning agent to work in full. Workout carbs are a big part of that, and Indigo-3G is perfect with Plazma because it really helps to drive the di- and tripeptide complex into the working muscles.

Most Indigo-3G users, even those who had to rely on lower carb plans for fat loss, can easily bump carb intake up to 300g per day or more, with a lot of that coming from their workout supplements. This should really help you in your sport, as low-carb dieting paired with tough training sessions can work against you in the long run, even with a post-workout drink.

So, Plazma for sure. And consider Indigo-3G to really make an impact.

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