Post Workout Protein Shake

Should I have a post workout protien shake when using plazma

Nope. When used as suggested (1 scoop before and 1 scoop during), Plazma has you covered. The pre- and during-workout nutrition is actually more important than post-workout nutrition. This article explains it in more detail.

Train with Plazma before and during, and then stick to your regular schedule of a Metabolic Drive shake or HSM a while afterwards, depending on when you train.

That’s one of the best aspects of Plazma, a true all-in-one training supplement. If I know I’m going to eat my post workout whole food meal within an hour of finishing training, I won’t have anything between Plazma and the meal. If it’s going to be a little while, I’ll have a scoop of Metabolic Drive with water or unsweetened almond milk about 30 minutes after training, then will eat within 60 minutes of the shake.

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