Post Workout Nepa?


Just did my second VBURN - brought my time down by over 10 minutes to 25:20 but I should preface that with saying last week I did 10 reps per leg instead of 10 per exercise. My first question is if it’s ok to do NEPA following the vburn? I ate at 1:00, v-burned at 2:30 and after recovering and doing some foam roller work I felt good enough to want to do a walk but I also felt like it was time to have my afternoon shake. What would you recommend?

My second question is to figure out what my shoulders did to Chris Shugart and his family? Holy damn do they get lit up during the vburn! I can barely lift them during the side lunges. Whatever my shoulders have done to the Shugart family, they apologize. Not sure if that will make it any easier next week, but hopefully it’s a start.


LOL. Sometimes the non-weighted or body weight movements set the delts on fire more than heavy overhead stuff. Think of the changing-a-light-bulb burn or the “light” Shoulder Shocker routine from Joe DeFranco. Ouch.

NEPA is fine after V-Burn. I think separating them would be best over the long run, but it probably doesn’t have much of an impact on the diet’s overall results if doing them one after the other is best for your schedule. No worries.