Post Workout Meal 1 Hour after MAG-10


Hey all,

Do people still do a big carby protein meal after their workouts? I haven’t seen many people talk about it in a while. When I originally bulked up from 170 to 210 a few years back i did it with two whole wheat raisin bagels and 6 egg white breakfast an hour after Surge recovery.

Now I’m on Plazma and MAG-10 and was just curious if this was still the norm.


Sure, that’s all good as you’re still in the post-workout window. It’s even better if you’re using Indigo-3G [] to make sure those nutrients are partitioned towards muscle tissue.

BTW, when I first started out writing for mags, I used to know another BB writer named Terry Leahy. Any relation?


Hey TC, thanks for the reply!

Can’t say I’ve met another Terry Leahy in the BB circles, must just be a coincidence.

Thanks again!