Post-Workout Mag-10 After Plazma?



If I’m in a bulking phase and using Plazma (one scoop pre workout and one scoop during), is adding a dosage of Mag-10 immediately post workout (around 15 min after; should I take it later?) ideal/beneficial at all or is the Plazma dosage by itself enough for my workout day?




Plazma is definitely “enough” on its own because that’s 100% what it was designed for, and using 1 scoop before training and 1 scoop during is pretty much spot on (it’s also what I do the majority of the time).

But to double-check the Mag-10 label, you can basically reinforce recovery and growth with a serving of Mag-10 about an hour post-workout. (It could be closer if it’s more practical, but it doesn’t need to be ASAP after training.)

And then have a meal 30+ minutes after that.