Post-Workout Feed


Because of my schedule, I’m finding myself finishing my workout, and then eating dinner almost immediately afterwards.
I’m also using Mag-10 an hour after I finish my workout, so I’m basically eating and then consuming Mag-10.
Does the solid meal interfere with the Mag-10 protocol, or does it not matter, or should I push back my dinner until after I’ve taken the Mag-10, or am I just overthinking this?


Ideally, it’d be: Train with workout nutrition, then Mag-10 after, then food after-after. But having Mag-10 with a post-workout meal isn’t the worst thing because the protein is still very quickly absorbed. That’s a big benefit of the di- and tripeptides.

If that’s what’s most practical and something you can stick with, go for it. Or if you wanted to, you could put that Mag-10 between two non-workout meals some other time of day for more of a protein pulse approach.

You could also do a simple experiment and try each way for a few weeks to see if you can tell a difference in soreness/recovery.


Thanks Chris!