Post Velocity Diet


Hey Chris, I was wondering what you would recommend after the V-Diet …? MY goals were to Lean out, or Bulk Down, without losing too much if any muscle on the V-Diet, As well as build up healthy long term eating habits… So Far, CHECK to all of that, and I still have a week to go!

My next goal is to put on some lean muscle mass, without adding back on the fat I just got rid of. So now I’m asking and learning from people smarter than me … How is a good way to approach that …? I had two thoughts: 1. Dan John’s Mass Made Simple 6 week approach. or 2. The Indigo project. But again, I have to do quite a bit of cardio during the week as my job, Teaching Dance and Fitness Classes, as well as martial arts teaching and training …

I would love to hear your thoughts Chris, or anyone who has gone through a similar situation.

Thanks for your time!

PS, I cant WAIT to start cooking up some of those Healthy Recipes you’ve been posting pics about on the Recipe Forum!!!


Indigo Project for sure. I’ve never seen a single supplement work for so many with varied goals, plus you get all the programs, coaching, etc.


Thannks Chris, and Hope you’re having a good weekend! 1 More week of the Velocity Diet and you get to see the befpre and after pics! There pretty awesome! Even my students are like: HOLY F***!!!

I’ll start reading up on the Indigo Project, and get ready for it … How soon should I look to start after the V-Diet, though…?


Some start right away. It’s really up to you. It’s a big change though, from a fairly low carb diet to a supplement plan that requires carbs for it to work optimally (which is actually part of Indigo’s awesomeness of course.)


Thanks Chris! 2 last questions (Last for today anyway…): When you say some start right away, you mean after the transition weeks …? And there’s also a workout plan too, which you have to be an Indigo member to access…?

  1. Some V-Dieters do the full Transition weeks and some don’t, or they do half of it. I would suggest some time spent in transition before starting Indigo though, at least a week. Get used to solid meals again.

  2. You can do any training plan you want, but Indigo users do get access to programs created by Thibaudeau just for them. They are linked in the banner at the top of every Live Coaching Lab.


Thanks again, Chris! I still have 1 more week before Transition period starts. I’ll definitely do 2-3 transition weeks to see how my body adjusts. That gives me about 3 more weeks before I start Indigo up. I’m really looking forward to next week when I can see and post my After pic!


You’re welcomed to post any Indigo-3G questions in the daily Live Coaching Lab on the front page of TNation. Some think that section is only for Indigo users but those thinking about using it may post too and get some feedback from the coaches and Indigo vets.


Oh that’s a great help! Plus it will allow me to stop annoying you here! :wink: