Post Velocity Diet Clean Bulk?


Hello I’m almost done with my first week of the Velocity Diet. Things are going well. My question is I’m Wanting to do a clean bulk after with Indigo-3G. Are there other supplements I should consider to stack with it? Should I start after Phase 1 or complete all through to phase 2? Thank you for your time.

Ps. This is a great system, especially now for me being away from home for work, with 84 hrs a week. Normally all I do is work my 12 hit the gym then buy a days worth of groceries and sleep. This is so nice to actually have some down time to just relax. So thank you for the system and I’m very eager to see the results. I was 194 when I started at about 12% body fat. At 5’10" at 32 almost 33. I’m hoping to get below the ten mark!!


If you’re as lean as you want to be after 4 weeks of V-Dieting, then you don’t have to do the Transition phase, if that’s what you mean.

If you want to start a clean mass plan, do after the V-Diet using Indigo-3G, Anaconda and MAG-10. Read up on Indigo first though; it’s not for someone who wants to stay low carb.

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Perfect. Everything I wanted and needed to know. Thank you. Can’t wait to try this Indigo-3G. Hope it’s as legit as it seems. Keep up the great work.