Post V-Diet Supplement Advice


Just coming off of the V-Diet. Still looking to lose some more body fat. Parameters of my current post V-Diet plan are as follows.

Gonna run the Shut Up Program by Tim Henriques on the 4 day split.

Diet will be 1800 calories at 54/28/18 to start. Will see how that goes and adjust from there.

Specifically looking for advice regarding the supplements you would recommend based on the above (budget is $100-$150 per month). Also open to any comments you may have regarding the diet and the workout plan.

The nutrition and workout planning are new for me and I just need something I can run while I continue to learn.

The best supplement for post-V-Diet is <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. Check that link and read up on it. Fat loss and muscle gains, plus it repairs all the underlying issues that may have contributed to fat gain to begin with.

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