Post V-Diet Strategy


Chris, my wife and I just completed the V-diet. Let me just say, Wow! In four weeks I dropped from 12.1% to 9.5%, my wife had similar results. Day two of transition today… Here’s my question, I am planning to continue to work until I hit 8%, then hold it for six months (theory being that after six months my body will accept that as it’s new “norm”). Would adding Indigo 3-G and the associated protocol help significantly in this effort? (plus put on some additional muscle?)
r, Kevin


Great work!

It’s hard not to recommend Indigo-3G for those who’ve complete the V-Diet. It’s perfect. Indigo allows you to add back in clean carbs and partition them to muscle gains while at the same time continuing fat loss. It also fixes many of the issues that causes people to need to V-Diet to begin with, like dysfunction fat cells and impaired nutrient uptake mechanisms.

Feel free to jump on the Live Coaching Lab in the front page of TNation and ask around. Many V-Diet vets there who have transitioned onto Indigo with great results.

And here’s a few articles about it so you can see if it’s right for you guys:

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