Post V-Diet Plan


I’m nearing the end of week 4 of the V-Diet. I haven’t had any cheats or anything - although I did miss a shake and a walk here and there.

I’m fairly happy with the results. I’m 5’7", I can still deadlift 405lbs, and it looks like after the V-Diet I’m going to end up around 197 pounds, down from 212. So, 15 pounds lost. Pants that were too tight to wear four weeks ago are now a little too loose. I am returning to vaguely human proportions.

But I still have a ways to go. My long term goal is to get below 160, so about another 40 pounds to go. I actually found the V-Diet fairly easy. Don’t get me wrong; it sucked. But I do better with black and white rules. “Don’t eat. Drink protein shakes.” Done.

I was trying to figure out what to do next. I want something simple and straightforward (like the V-Diet), high protein, and lowish carb. But also something I can do for longer than 4 weeks. Here’s what I’m thinking…

I’m trying to put together a plan that’s simple, effective, and fits my personality so I’ll actually stick to it. To that end, I’d like to keep drinking 3 shakes a day, in the morning and afternoon. Then, I’d end the day with a healthy, but larger, dinner (basically just a bunch of chicken, rice, and some veggies). For the day, I’d keep the protein over 200 grams, the carbs around 75 grams, and total calories around 1800. Every two or three weeks I’d throw in a healthy re-feed day, to keep my body (and mind) in good shape.

I know this is similar to V-diet lite. It seems good for me because it’s still pretty black and white, and stupidly simple (I like only cooking once at the ned of the day). Also, around 1800 calories seems low calorie enough to see good fat loss, but not too low calorie that I’ll feel like shit all the time. I think I could do this easily for two or three months and chip off another 20 pounds or so at a more moderate pace.

For exercise, I’d keep the long walks (I like those) and do basic, heavy compound lifts (squat, press, chin) about 3 times a week (again, because I like them). Maybe throw in the occasion V-Burn-esque workout.

Then maybe, when I get into the 170s, I’ll give the full V-Diet another go to quickly rip off the last bit of fat. How’s that sound for a longer term plan?


Not bad. You can also check into my “100 Gram Carb Cure” plan in the archives. I’d also suggest a carb cycling approach. We have several articles on that in the archives too.


Sounds like a good plan, however maybe start with more than 1800 cals, maybe around 2400. this is 12x your bodyweight.

Starting to low will leave you no wehere to go when u begin to plateau. If you start slightly higher you can begin to cut 100cals per day per week when things start to slow down. 2400 isn’t a lot fo cals, especially when your working out.

Plus if you cut down to say 1500 cals per day you’l feel like shit and you workouts will begin to suffer as will your recovery. I’ve made this mistake in the past.

You PFC split looks good, just remember to get them 75g of carbs from fibrous green veggies etc.

As for sticking with 1800 cals for a few months, your body will adapt and will begin running on 1800 cals easily and your weight loss WILL stop! Unless u spend 2 hours a day doing cardio.