Post V-Diet: increasing Calories

After a very successful V Diet I am ready to put on some muscle. I decided to do Christian Thibaudeau’s carb cycling Codex. After calculating my basil metabolic rate I need 2835 cal to maintain my present bodyweight. However with the v diet , and my healthy solid meal, I’ve only been consuming 1800 cal on non-training days.

How should I bring up my calories to 2800 without gaining too much body fat in the process?

Choose only very healthy foods, no cheats, use <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G to partitions calories into muscle instead of body fat. I’d also suggest bringing up calories more slowly, not all at once (if you haven’t been already.)

Thanks Chris. I have been very carful about eating clean and gradually increasing calories. I’m currently bring my daily caloric intake up by a few hundred each week and also monitoring weight and body fat weekly.

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