Post V-Diet Future

Hey Chris,

I’m nearing the end of week two on the V-Diet and feel great. However, I had an ambitious question to continue a healthy lifestyle, though it may not be appropriate for this forum. I’m going to college next month, and was wondering if you could help me outline the healthiest possible diet for a low budget college kid, who is lucky enough to have his own kitchen.

The main key is to simply plan ahead with food and not resort to junk food. Oatmeal for breakfast is like 39 cents. Get a slow cooker and cook it overnight, like this:

On Sunday’s make a big batch of chicken breasts and anything else you can pre-make. Rice is a super cheap carb source. I do generally suggest avoiding wheat products; it’s mostly junk food anyway. This keeps the cravings down and naturally removes a lot of the things that cause fat gain.

Lots of recipes in the Healthy Solid Meals / Recipes forum. Do a search for the slow cooker ones. Easy and cheap, and you can make big batches at once and pack food with you.

So, in short: focus on food selection, avoid the obvious junk, and plan ahead. I lost over 65 pounds in college (I was near obese in the early days), so it can be done.

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