Post V-Diet Elimination Guidelines

Hey Chris, your advice on food choices and basically eating when hungry have worked fairly well for me, but my fiance finished up the v-diet as you know and we are semi lost on how many calories she should take in. First off, she is following the 100g carb rule. Food choices are very limited as well since we are doing an elimination diet for long term migraine problems.

Do you have any suggestions on total calories for around 160lbs? I told her originally to eat when you get hungry, and follow the 100g rule. But it seems her calories are only around 1000 for the day following that method.

I don’t want her to fall into a low calorie trap and ruin fat loss so any advice would be great. She asked in supplements and nutrition, and I’ll also include her diet logs.

Everyone is different when it comes to calories needed. There are dozens of factors that make it different, from genetics to type of training used and daily NEPA. I really don’t believe in calorie counting unless the person has no clue and is unknowingly greatly over or under-eating (i.e. an obese person who claims he doesn’t eat all that much and is actually at 10,000 cals per day - it happens!)

For me, as you probably know, it’s all about selecting good foods and allowing them to auto-regulate your intake.

I could not view her log (set to private) but it sounds like the combo of a reduced carb diet and an elimination diet are restricting her food choices so much that she’s under-eating. (This happens to some vegans as well – no food choices and they become anorexic.)

She certainly needs more than a 1000 cals per day and her metabolism is about to take a dive, which will then lead to fat gain later. Not good. Rough guess – she needs at least 400-500 more calories per day, and even that could be in the “dieting” range.

Thanks Chris, she set her log to public now also.

Just trying to do everything right so we can eliminate other variables. I imagine if she is eating and training, than fat loss should come, and if it doesn’t than maybe whatever is causing the migraines could be related to fat loss as well.

Glancing through her food log the main issue seems to be lack of calories. Go too low in calories and fat loss will definitely stall out.

Her food choices look fine; she just needs more of them. But I’m not familiar with the type of elimination diet she’s using.

The diet is basically just eliminating all foods except for some lean meats, certain fruits and vegetables, and some rice / bean type products. Mainly taken from the ultramind solution book and precision nutrition. Figuring if we can rule out any foods that would be the best step before moving on too pricey appointments!

Thanks for the feedback though! Had a feeling calories were too low even if she was eating when she got hungry.

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