Post V-Diet Conundrum



I apologize in advance for how long this message will be, but I wanted an expertâ??s opinion on this before I make my decision.
I completed the V-Diet a couple months ago for the second time. I went from 221 to 201 and lost 7 inches from my waist. Since I finished I have been doing the â??power of threeâ?? program because it resembles the V-Diet workouts.

I have also been continuing with Surge Recovery for periworkout nutrition, but was interested in either doing MAG-10 pulse fasts or starting Anaconda. I noticed that the formula for both supplements was recently re-done.

My question is if my goal is to continue to lose fat (I know this part is primarily accomplished in the kitchen) while gaining (or at the very least maintaining) muscle mass which supplement would you suggest: MAG-10, anaconda, or sticking with surge recovery. Ideally, I would couple anaconda with MAG-10, but I donâ??t quite have the money to buy both on a consistent basis.

Also, will a new protocol for pulse-fasts be made available for the new MAG-10? I apologize if it has already been released, but I couldnâ??t find it and the MAG-10 pulse fast package is still listed as out of stock.

I also have a friend who is just using Surge Workout Fuel for periworkout nutrition and then eating a meal roughly one hour after the gym and was wondering what our thoughts were about that. We both have very different body types though; he is more of an ectomorph/mesomorph who canâ??t get fat while I am more of an endomorph who struggles to lose fat. he is also aiming for strength and size gains whereas i am primarily focused on fat loss at the moment.

  1. Replace Surge Recovery with Anaconda taken according to label.

  2. You can use the new MAG-10 for Pulse Fast/Feast following the same instructions.

  3. Anaconda is the best choice for your friend too during weight-training sessions.


Thanks Chris. So I ordered Anaconda and I just have a quick question. Sometimes I workout in the mornings and my current strategy has been to have a Metabolic Drive shake 20-30minutes before I lift and then have SURGE recovery after. Since Anaconda is something you start drinking prior to your workouts and throughout can I just wake up, make Anaconda, and head to the gym or should I still try and get a scoop of Metabolic Drive in before I leave?


I prefer a little solid food myself before a morning session, or half a protein shake or FINiBAR. If you don’t have time for that, just start sipping Anaconda 20 minutes or so before lifting. You can even get half of it in you before training, then sip the rest during.