Positive V-Diet Experiences

How about a thread where folks talk about how great the diet is?

I love it! It is so easy, its like breathing. Pop 5 shakes per day and take supps. The workouts can be a little tough since I can’t use HRX. But seriously, how hard is it to pop 5 shakes/day, do a short workout 3 times/week, and go for a fairly fast walk the other days? This is NOT boot camp, or a martial arts class where a little Korean man screams at you. :smiley:

The only trouble I had in any way was using an inferior protein one day, to finish off this other brand. Use the protein from Biotest, so you know you’re getting the good stuff!

I’m down 5 pounds and am 6 days in.

Go for it!!!

How about posting reults form people that have done the V-Diet, the right way.

I understand the average weight loss is around 20 pounds but what about body fat percentage loss?

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