Portabella Mushroom Pizza Crust


I don’t think I’ve seen anyone post this idea yet but if they have, my bad.

Just take a portabella mushroom cap and gut the inside so that you have a mushroom cap bowl to work with. Throw the cap in the oven at 400F for ten minutes to dry out the cap. Add the sauce and whatever ingredients you want and throw that bad boy back in the oven until everything’s melted and delicious.

The reason I’m a huge of the mushroom pizza is that 1) I love portabella mushrooms and 2) the pizzas take about five minutes of actual work. The other twenty is just spent chilling waitin’ for that sucker to cook.

This one is a buffalo chicken pizza.

Low fat shredded cheddar
organic chicken
oikos greek yogurt mixed with crumbled blue cheese
shit-ton of franks red hot




wow, I must admit I’m impressed.

I’ve had stuffed Portabello mushrooms, and never considered the pizza option. well done.